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Peering Personals


The APRICOT Programme Committee is asking all peering coordinators to submit their Peering Personals prior to APRICOT 2024 conference week so that their info can be include in a master slide-deck before the APRICOT Peering Forum starts. This will help the session chairs ensure that the APRICOT Peering Forum can run smoothly.

On the day of the APRICOT Peering Forum, the session chairs will "give the floor" to each operator who has submitted their Peering Personal to give the introduction to their network.

Successful Peering Personals

All networks want to increase their peering. Providing information at a public forum on which locations they are present at, and their typical traffic profile, is the fastest and easiest way of reaching out to the whole community to seek new peers. This is simpler than approaching every single delegate in-person, or by email and so on.

A Peering Personal is a 60 second introduction to the operator's network or data centre and their peering information. In the case of Internet Exchange Points, the Peering Personal would cover location(s), number of participants, and typical aggregate traffic.

The content of the Peering Personal presentation (a single slide is sufficient) is straightforward:

  • the network name
  • the AS number
  • the number of IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes
  • typical traffic levels
  • traffic profile (content/eyeballs/balanced)
  • traffic ratio (in/out/balanced)
  • peering policy (open/selective/closed)
  • PeeringDB entry
  • peering locations
  • contact information

The PeeringDB is a database created by the peering community and is where network operators publish information about their networks, data centres they are present at, and Internet Exchange Points they participate in.

The IXPDB is a database of IXPs where information is published about the locations, data centres, membership, and so on.

All network operators are recommended to have a PeeringDB entry. Likewise, all IXPs are recommended to have an IXPDB entry.

Submitting a Peering Personal for APRICOT 2024

All network operators participating at APRICOT 2024 are encouraged to submit a Peering Personal. The sooner submitted, the more likely the Programme Committee will be able to schedule the Peering Personal - please don't leave it until the last minute!

Please use this slide template for the APRICOT 2024 Peering Personals. Failure to use the template will result in the Programme Committee requesting a resubmission with the correct format.

Remember, only one slide is required.

Once the peering personal has been completed, please submit it via the APRICOT 2024 presentation submission system, selecting the Peering Personals option.

The APRICOT 2024 PC looks forward receiving Peering Personals from the community.